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Keep Sugar Land Safe

My top priority has been and continues to be the safety of our residents.  I want to ensure that our first responders have the best training, technology, and resources to keep themselves safe, so they can keep us safe.  I am proud that Sugar Land’s 2018 Part 1 Crime Rate was the lowest in our history.  I'm very proud of the men and women who serve us, and I am always listening and looking for ways to support them more.  Thank you to our first responders for all you do!   

Keep Sugar Land Suburban

It is important to our Citizens to preserve the suburban atmosphere that makes Sugar Land such a wonderful place to call home.  Prior to being elected to Council, I served on the Land Use Advisory Committee.  This team worked long hours listening to the residents of Sugar Land, while also looking out for the housing needs of our growing community.  As a result, this committee presented a plan for multifamily development that allowed for growth while maintaining our suburban culture.  The citizens embraced this plan with strong affirmation, and it was adopted by City Council with my support on August 7, 2018.

Keep Sugar Land Superior

·        Continue to enhance mobility using the latest traffic technology.

·        Continue to improve drainage and keep infrastructure well-maintained.

·        Enjoy suburban living at its finest!

RE-ELECT Carol McCutcheon - Sugar Land City Council Member District 4

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